This site will show the restoration process of the SAC Museum's Convair T-29. The SAC Museum, oops I mean, Strategic Air & Space Museum, is located on Interstate 80 west of Omaha, Nebraska. This site is dedicated to the aircraft restoration team at the museum. Click on photos to enlarge.

Location: Ashland, Ne., United States

Convair T-29A S/N 50-0190 "Flying Classroom"

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Restoration of T-29 one niner zero is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2006.
After about one year restoring all of the interior componets i. e. , new student tables (14),
Master Radar Station, Radar Equipment Rack, Auto Pilot Station and all table radar scopes and instruments, the restortation team was extremely disapointed when they were told earley this year that none of these items would be installed back into the plane. Tables without navigation equipment would be installed. This is because the museum Flight Camp for children can use the
plane for their flight simulator laptops. I will keep this site posted with new photos
on the progress of one niner zero............


Anonymous Ken said...

Bummer, seems like they would at least put in one old nav station. Without it, it isn't really a T-29. The only thing I remember from training was an engine problem when I was the lead student. I was so busy that I put my chute on and forgot about the problem instantly.
After training I went to a Sqdn flying the N. Atlantic with very poorly equipt C-54. Celestial in a plane without an autopilot sometimes made for very large triangles.

8:19 PM  
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