This site will show the restoration process of the SAC Museum's Convair T-29. The SAC Museum, oops I mean, Strategic Air & Space Museum, is located on Interstate 80 west of Omaha, Nebraska. This site is dedicated to the aircraft restoration team at the museum. Click on photos to enlarge.

Location: Ashland, Ne., United States

Convair T-29A S/N 50-0190 "Flying Classroom"

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Under the direction of General Curtis LeMay the Strategic Air Command Museum was
established in 1959 at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska.
In 1998 a new 300,000 sq. ft. indoor facility was built near Ashland, Nebraska. Starting
before the new facility opened, and the 7 years since opening, the restoration dept. has
restored 17 airplanes, 4 missles, and several engines use for display.
For information on the museum, events, collections and a few planes that have been restored see..

The T-29 airplane was developed for the Air Force as a flying classroom used to train navigators. T-29 #50-0190 was delivered to the Air Force in 1951 and after 22 years
service was dropped from inventory and flown to the SAC Museum.
The plane has sat outside in the harsh Nebraska weather for the past 30 years.
When the plane is soda blasted it will be moved into the restoration hangar.

These are pictures of the cockpit before restoration. Once again the hot summers and cold
winters have distroyed the interior. The cockpit will be completely gutted and all instrument
panels will be sand blasted and repainted and labeled. Ceiling and walls will be replaced and painted. All instruments will be restored or replaced. New flooring. New seats. Missing
fuse panel behind co-pilot will be constructed and placed.

This is a before look inside the airplane. There are 14 student radar and navigation tables
in the plane. Over the past 30 years the harsh weather has taken a toll on the interior walls,
tables and instruments. The restoration team will construct all new tables, restore the
instrument panels and replace interior walls and floors.

May 2003... the cockpit has been gutted and now primer paint is being applied..
The interior has been gutted and ready for restoring..

The P & W 2800 engines, rusty and weathered, were packed with bird nests, spider webs and other

nasty stuff. The engines were removed from the plane and disassembled. All parts

were sandblasted and repainted, or polished, and reassembled then returned to plane.

Restoration began on one niner zero around nov. 2002 but was delayed one year to restore

a B1 bomber in 2003. These pictures, taken in sept. 2005 , show the new interior walls.

The interior ceiling lights and side wall table lights have been wired for 120v.

These pictures taken in august 2005 show a newley restored cockpit.

This picture shows the newley restored overhead panel in the cockpit. This panel contains the radio panels, overhead switch panel, fire control panel and fuel control panel.

September 2005---This picture shows the new radio operators table and rack installed.

Restoration of T-29 one niner zero is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2006.
After about one year restoring all of the interior componets i. e. , new student tables (14),
Master Radar Station, Radar Equipment Rack, Auto Pilot Station and all table radar scopes and instruments, the restortation team was extremely disapointed when they were told earley this year that none of these items would be installed back into the plane. Tables without navigation equipment would be installed. This is because the museum Flight Camp for children can use the
plane for their flight simulator laptops. I will keep this site posted with new photos
on the progress of one niner zero............

October 2005-- Radio Operators Table Completed.

Work on the exterior continues as
all corrosion is removed and replaced with new sheet metal.
All holes are plugged and dents
repaired. The volunteers have began putting a shine back on
old one niner zero.

November 2005---Installing student tables....

January 2006----With polishing completed and windows covered, the plane is close to painting.
With the tables, chairs and lighting done the interior is finished......

March-April 2006--------

With the control surfaces primed,

prime coat is applied to the fuselage.

April 2006------ The white coat has been applied to the top of the plane.
Note field of blue for the star and bars.

May 1, 2006----Gray coat applied...

May 3, 2006-- After painting the 2" blue stripe the restoration
team begin removing the masking tape and paper, revealing the
new look of one niner zero.

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June 28 --- 81 year old volunteer Al Morin directs the installation of the props.
Al was also instrumental in restoring the engines.

June 28, 2006-- With the lettering and star and bars painted the rest of the
engine cowling will be added next.

With the rudder and elevators installed the flaps

were next to go on.

Aug. 2006
Paint the tires, wash the windows and dust the
feathers and one niner zero is ready for show..........

BULLETIN !!!!! Instrument Panels have been added to two student
desk to show the purpose of the airplane.